Picture time and some updates

People have been bugging me about posting pictures, so here you go (I am not sure why the pictures loaded up in reverse order but oh well):

Luca planning his “prison escape” from our balcony in Sao Paulo (yes that’s 4 teeth you can see and really, there are trees here!).

Our last family picture in the US as we were making our way from the hotel in NYC to the airport. Yes, those are all the belongings we took on board with us (the cardboard boxes were filled with Luca’s toys).

On to other news….a few insights from the first few weeks in Brazil:

1) Timing is everything:
If you’re ever in need for something “fun” to do between the hours of midnight and 4:30am, here in Brazil, think no longer….just go ahead and pave a road (without warning residents of course!) – that’s right….the road right in front of our apartment building was paved a few nights/mornings ago and let me tell you – this is not a quiet task….Why that time you ask? To avoid interrupting traffic the following morning, of course!

2) Moving = adaptation

Here’s a list of things we’re (slowly) adapting to:

John – working a job he actually enjoys and is excited about!

Luca – saying ‘good-bye’ to bath time and getting used to taking a shower since our apartment came without a bathtub….let me just say that showering with Luca is a work in progress but we’re slowly getting better at it and found out that the trick involves me wearing a bathing suit – not because of modesty issues but because it gives Luca something to hang on to!

Me – realizing that customer service in Brazil is not what I understand customer service to be (did I mention it took 5 appointments to finally have internet…) and learning that both Roxette as well as the Scorpions are still much loved in Brazilian radio! Oh, give me some more of that “wind of change” radio, please!!!


2 thoughts on “Picture time and some updates

  1. Look at that cutie! (Andrew has that same animal onesie and looooves it. I'll be pretty sad when he finally can't wear it anymore.)So happy to hear that John is doing so well, not that we ever had any doubts about it.

  2. Holy cow! No internet for so long! Good for Luca, that he slept all the way in the plane – what a little trooper!And I can't fathom having a road paved in the middle of the night. That would just be the end of me!

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