One month

It’s been a little over 1 month now that we’re officially at our first overseas post. As previous updates may have suggested, we have encountered a few challenges (some expected, some not so much) but we are now slowly but surely adapting to our new home. We’ve moved some furniture around, replaced some pieces, and after we receive the rest of our shipment (hopefully at the end of the month), I am sure our new home will feel much more “homey.”

We (ok, so mainly I) have moved around more than probably most people and I think it’s fair to say that moving and all those fun things that come along with that change (e.g., getting oriented around your new home, figuring basic living things out) do not scare us much. However, we are learning that moving with a little one in tow is a whole new ball game! Luca had a bit of a rough time transitioning to his new surroundings and sleeping in a new crib and room (and then of course getting sick) but now, we are happy to report that everything seems to be going smoothly for him. He now goes back to sleep without problems and although he wakes up at the crack of dawn (any advice on how to change that is greatly appreciated), we have a good routine that seems to work well for him.

What else can we say about being here for an entire month? Unfortunately, not too much more – this is a city that demands a car and as we are still without one, we haven’t had the chance to get to know the city. But, we’ll be ready to go out and explore once we have a car as we already have a list of places to visit – so stay tuned for more adventures to come!


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