The shirt says it all!

Luca has been going through a “mommy is the greatest” and a “don’t ever let go of me” phase since we arrived at post. Yes, it’s tough to have someone hang onto your pants all the time but just look at those cute little blue eyes….


6 thoughts on “The shirt says it all!

  1. I guess having your pants hung on all the time is preferable to being bitten, which he obviously could do now if he wanted to.Wanting Mom (or even Dad) all the time is typical for kids our boys' age. But it does get old.

  2. What a sweetheart. How old is he? The transitions are tough at that age, and luckily you can stay home with him and give him what he needs. I'll never forget moving when my son was 1 -we changed daycares and he clung to me 24/7 when I was home. It was heartbreaking. Your little guy looks pretty happy though!

  3. A short hello from good old Germany! We wish you all the best in Brazil and are curiously tracking your moves and all your adventures to come. Reading your blog keeps our English facilities alive and seeing Luca to grow up is amazing.Have a good time and all the bestThe Gross family from Germany

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