And the award for happiest baby goes to….

Luca….you guessed it!

Being in the Foreign Service often means improvising. When my parents came to visit a few weeks ago, they brought Luca a baby pool we thought we could use as a bathtub. My mom purchased the smallest one she could find and we were quite surprised to find out how huge it was when we opened it up (I think John was secretly relieved that she also brought an electric pump to inflate this huge pool)! Since the baby pool doesn’t even fit into any of our bathrooms and since it’s getting a bit cooler here (fall is around the corner….remember, we have opposite seasons south of the Equator), John and I decided to take this opportunity to make Luca one of the happiest kids we know. So, we ordered 500 balls to fill the pool….please note that the “small” pool is so large that 500 balls don’t even fill it up. Needless to say, Luca has been smiling ear to ear every time we play in the baby pool which is now a steady piece of furniture in our living room!

Oh, and in other breaking Luca news….(drum roll, please!)….yesterday at 1:30pm Sao Paulo time, Luca pulled himself up to standing on his favorite toy (me), let go off me, and took 3 steps by himself before his tush hit the ground….yeah, we’re in trouble now!


5 thoughts on “And the award for happiest baby goes to….

  1. Yes, he's a happy camper alright in the ball pit! That's too funny that Owen has the same outfit…I feel sometimes that Luca could be a model for Carter's clothes since that seems to be what he wears the most! And yes, we are planning a party – Luca and I actually went shopping today to pick out the decorations and party hats! What about you, Zoe? What are the party plans?

  2. Wow Luca! He is sooo cute! I miss you guys…He has grown so much…surely will speak the three languages simultaneously…good for you girl. I love the pool idea! We have been going to the real pool at our hotel and to the YMCA for swim classes and ZIna LOVES the water. She is very chatty these days but no steps quite yet…walks the stroller and walks to Me but no more then 2 steps alone. We should enjoy the last days of crawling while we can! Love to you all,Tunde, Zina and Abel

  3. Wow – he's walking already!!!!The ball pool is awesome. I wish I had one when I was little…Enjoy fall in Brazil, New York is already humid!Best,Julian

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