A Very Crazy Week

If you’ve been paying attention, you should know that Luca’s 1st birthday is just right around the corner! Yes, he turns 1 year on Friday and we’ve been planning his party for Saturday. In Brazil, first birthdays are a HUGE deal and are celebrated accordingly with caterers, entertainment, and about 80 guests or so. Yeah….we’re not doing that! Instead, we decided on the more typical American feast of cake and food in our apartment. I had everything under control until yesterday….I knew which foods to serve, had already bought balloons and decorations, and located a nice bakery for the cake (I wasn’t going to be able to bake Luca’s cake without my kitchen tools).

Then yesterday….organizational chaos broke loose…. that’s right. John was informed that we should expect ALL of our household stuff at 9am tomorrow. YIKES! 3 days before the party…. what are we expecting? Well, some furniture, all of my kitchen stuff (!), lots of shelves, lots of clothes, Luca’s toys (it will be a birthday party alright!), and pretty much everything we have been living without since last summer (of course, at this point we could do without most of these things except of course my kitchen tools and Luca’s items). In summary – our apartment will be swamped with so many things we won’t know where to store and what to do with them…. Fortunately, John will be able to take off work tomorrow and a few hours on Thursday and Friday to help with the madness but I have to say the timing isn’t the greatest. So, we’ll sign off for a few days until we have sorted out our mess but then we’ll be sure to post some pictures of the chaos, and of course, of a hopefully FUN (and organized) birthday party!!! Until then….wish us luck and lots of patience!


2 thoughts on “A Very Crazy Week

  1. This may be a blessing in disguise! Because of the party you have something to really push yourselves to get the HHE all put away.

  2. uh-oh! Well at least it's great that your HHE is arriving so quickly! Happy birthday to the little guy! What a special time. Can't wait to see pics, good luck w everything.

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