The Delivery that Wasn’t … and Other Things that Make FS Fun…

Welcome to Brazil and to FS life. Here’s a true story: You expect your shipment of all of your household stuff (i.e. a few thousand pounds of things!) to arrive at 9am this morning so you do the logical thing and clean out your entire apartment the night and hours before delivery to make room for all the old/new things…. you wrap up all the dishes of the welcome kit that you need to return to the consulate and pack them away, you check the list twice to make sure you are returning all the items of the welcome kit, you strip the beds, move mattresses and other beds, pick up toys, clean a bit, and overall make space for your household items to come home…. then you make arrangements for someone to come over and keep your child company (out of the apartment that will be crazily swamped in a matter of hours) while you deal with movers and stuff to be moved around. Then the phone rings at 9:10 and you are informed that no, the movers and your household shipment will not be showing up after all….. (yes, true story and apparently not so uncommon in the FS). So, you flip out (you really do because at this point you have been dealing with lots of similarly frustrating situations), make some empty threats of leaving the country (a tropical island sounds wonderful). and gradually calm yourself down after you quietly are defeated by the fact that you will now need to unpack everything you carefully packed away, move beds and mattresses, make the beds, create a play area, and be proud of yourself for having demonstrated a good, first “dry” run-through of what HHE delivery would have been like….


3 thoughts on “The Delivery that Wasn’t … and Other Things that Make FS Fun…

  1. I'm sorry Nicole! That really sucks. I had been wondering what to do with the welcome kit when HHE is coming, and I think I now know.

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