HHE arrives!

Yes, our HHE (household delivery) has made its way to Sao Paulo and we have been busy unpacking, organizing, and reorganizing all 5,000 pounds of stuff – hence the absence of posts. Everything (this time) went according to schedule except, of course, that our service elevator went out of service for about 3 or 4 hours during the middle of the movers moving our belongings upstairs…go figure!

Did we find any surprises in our stuff? You bet… for one, apparently my rollerblades from my old college days made it here (I completely forgot I had these and haven’t been on them in about 10 years) and there were a few days where we only located one but not the other (same with John’s hiking boots) – but fortunately, all shoes have been reunited now with their matches. Also, as we didn’t bring all of our belongings (some are still in storage in the US), we now have 2 half shelves that don’t match and can’t be assembled (thanks to the movers packing all the parts into different boxes) and, oh yes, we managed to move an alarm clock that doesn’t belong to us (well, technically it’s probably ours now since it moved halfway around the world) – a few glasses didn’t make it but very fortunately, all of my precious kitchen items and Luca’s toys arrived intact….now back to organizing!


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