Little Man Standing

Here’s a first snapshot of Luca standing on his own and walking towards me! I just had enough time to take the picture before I had to catch him (we’re still working on the smooth transition of body to floor). Luca really likes to practice standing and taking a few steps – his favorite spot to do so is in the bathtub (!), and by bathtub, I mean the rubbermaid storage container that we use since our apartment came without a regular bathtub (yes, I can see him attending a meeting a few years from now and saying something along the lines of “hi my name is Luca and my parents made me bathe in a rubbermaid container…”).

What else has the little guy been up to? Helping me out in the kitchen by sorting our tupperware containers and lids, emptying out drawers and reorganizing them, and of course by playing drums with pots and pans….

In other news – I am happy to report that we have successfully unpacked ALL of our HHE! Whew, that took about a week to organize the chaos. In the process, we were also able to reevaluate all of our possessions and have been able to eliminate a few hundred pounds of excess weight (now we just need to find a place to which we can donate our clothes – should not be too difficult here). What items were we most excited about to have back in our lives? Well, toys for Luca, of course. Kitchen ware for me. Our router for John who can now use his laptop again and doesn’t have to kick me off mine. What’s next for us? Putting the final touches on our home by putting up our pictures….(keep your fingers crossed that someone from the consulate will come over to do this since John and I are not handy by any stretch of the imagination!)


3 thoughts on “Little Man Standing

  1. Usually the GSO will only send a picture-hanger once, so make sure you know where you want everything before they come.Love the walking photo! Owen can balance for a few seconds but hasn't taken any unaided steps yet. But the time is short, I'm sure.

  2. OMG! The FS hangs your pictures for you!? In the B household this is a task that takes years of looking at the picture sitting on the ground next to the future spot before the B husband finally succumbs to the begging for help. Man, now I really want to join!!PS the baby is oh so cute. And walking!! Have fun.

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