First Haircut!

Today was the day…we took Luca to get his first haircut! Of course if it had been up to John, Luca would have grown out all of his hair until anyone armed with scissors was able to get near him, but thankfully, I was able to convince John that yes, it was indeed time to trim Luca’s locks! So, of course, we now needed a good suggestion for a kid-friendly hair cutting place in Sao Paulo. Thankfully, one of the moms in my playgroups just had a great experience at a place called “Funny Hair” (yes in English) so we made an appointment for this morning. Did Luca like it, you ask…. well, at first it was fun and games but that didn’t last very long. Below is our morning in pictures – enjoy!

Luca in his hair cutting chair – we chose a Winnie the Pooh video (Ursinho Poo in Portuguese) to distract him as well….

When the video and toy didn’t distract Luca anymore, we pulled out our secret weapon….puffs!

When the initial charm of the puffs wore off, Mommy had to step in and hold Luca (first sitting, then standing….yes, my back is sore) … when Mommy wasn’t enough anymore, bring in the tears!

Made it! Back at home playing outside and sporting a new hair do! Thankfully a happier little camper than earlier in the day!


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