Child-friendly Brazil

One of the greatest things of raising a child in Brazil is that everyone is VERY child-friendly… when we walk down the street or go grocery shopping, we almost always end up chatting with passerby’s who comment on Luca (mostly because of his eyes or because he’s sucking his thumb….). But Brazil’s child-friendliness doesn’t end there….no, it seems that everywhere you go (even to adult hang-outs like the mall or grocery stores) you will almost certainly find a child-friendly space or service. Take going grocery shopping, for example…. most of the stores I have been to have a child play area right by the check-out line. Filled with toys, TVs (of course), and things to entertain your little one while you check out (the only thing missing here is a person to supervise the kids but Brazilians usually take their baba [nanny] with them, or in our case, I can drop Luca and John off for some playtime). Also, every grocery store has a special check-out line for mothers with small children, pregnant women, and the elderly, and in case that cashier isn’t staffed, someone will rush to your aide as soon as you decide it’s time to check out. Oh yeah, the special line is also in airports (i.e. no more long waiting times to check in or go through security)….yeah, it’s nice…

Oh, and this past weekend, I was successfully able to drag my men to one of Sao Paulo’s major attractions, Shopping Morumbi – a shopping mall. Yes, they are super exclusive and very expensive but it’s still nice to go visit them and walk around. We were intrigued by the “child space” at the mall, so I ventured for a look only to find a VERY nice nursing room, changing room, and play area for your little ones. Yes, a nursing room…. oh, and speaking of changing rooms, every restaurant I have been to seems to have a changing table in the women’s bathroom (yeah take that NYC where I had to figure out how to change Luca’s diaper in some of the smallest bathrooms known to woman). Speaking of restaurants, no one (neither staff nor guests) has ever rolled their eyes when we entered with Luca. Sure, he’s mostly a great kid to take out to restaurants, but we’ve had a few incidents of him not wanting to cooperate. No one ever rolled their eyes or seemed upset – no, instead we had waiters by our side entertaining Luca to make him laugh….or pick up a toy that he had dropped (which of course then turns into a game of dropping and picking something up!). Oh, and one of my friends told me that when her son started crying when she was grocery shopping, one of the clerks rushed to her side to push her cart (so my friend could take care of her son) and help her grocery shop (she apparently just pointed at the items she wanted), check out, and take the bags to her car….yeah, this is mom customer service in my book!


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