"Copa do Mundo" Fever Brazil-style

We are 1 day away from the World Cup….which translates into complete madness here in Brazil, a country that has won the World Cup a record 5-times. Brazilian flags are everywhere you look – attached to cars, houses, commercial sites – you name it. When you stop at a traffic light, you can choose to buy any type of Brazil paraphernalia you can imagine (flags, of course, but also t-shirts, jerseys, hats, steering wheel covers, and of course lots of noisemakers!). So, it should probably be no surprise that Brazil will pause and stand still during Brazil matches – that’s right. Some day care centers already announced that they will close during games and many private business will give the day off so that everyone can sit and cheer on Brazil. Crazy, huh?

How are we celebrating the World Cup, you ask? By hosting a party for the US-UK match on Saturday afternoon … do we know a lot about soccer or football as it’s known in the rest of the world? Well, we know a bit (I am not so sure about this offside thing though) but all that counts is that we’re having fun and getting together with people who like to watch the craziness unfold here too….oh, and of course Luca will be sporting his National German soccer jersey to cheer on team Germany!

In other Luca news – no, he’s still not walking entirely on his own (he does really well holding on with just one hand though and every now and then stands alone to take a few steps before hitting the ground) and he’s also not talking yet. The latter fact is not too surprising considering that he is learning 2.5 languages at the moment (Portuguese is only getting a .5 since his main languages are German and English) – he is, however, learning to excel at grunting very loudly when he wants something or gets frustrated. Yeah, it’s cute in an Arsenio Hall-kind of way!


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