Would you like some cheese with that?

…this seems to be my recurring question of the day. To whom, you wonder? To Luca, of course.

It seems that we have officially entered the world of toddlerhood. Gone are the days of Luca as sweet, innocent, baby and present are the days of a very independent Luca with very strong will power and determination (where could he possibly have gotten this from?). He knows exactly what he wants (to be carried around ALL day, get mom’s attention ALL day, play with a particular toy, walk down the steps with his lion walker – yes, not a good idea…you try telling that to a 13-month old!) and will work hard at meeting his goal (tugging on pants, grunting) – unless of course, he gets stuck somewhere or can’t quite figure out how to get what he wants, at which point – cue in the whining…. I know it’s a frustrating little battle he’s fighting as he very well understands what’s happening around him and what we are saying to him (mention any food-related word and he instantly rushes to your side and is your new best friend!) yet he can’t quite vocalize in a way that’s easily understandable to the people around him what he wants…. I feel like that too, sometimes, here in a Portuguese-speaking country when I often don’t seem to remember how to say what I want to say to express something (at least I don’t whine about it but, oh, I am also a few years older [and wiser?] than my little guy!). Good thing that I heard this phase only lasts a few days until he moves on to being a rational young person (alright, who am I kidding – but give me some hope here!)…


2 thoughts on “Would you like some cheese with that?

  1. I've been able to rationalize with Malachi for about a year I think. It's wonderful! And weird to realize that I have to go through that with Simon.

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