Whew – we said it…. 3 months into our first post and we now feel officially settled (ok, so I really mean I finally feel settled – of course, John was there a bit earlier than me).

We now …
– know and like where we live (and it helps that we can find our home on a map!),
– have all of our household belongings more or less organized
– have pictures on the wall
– are getting to know our way around (without getting hopeless lost most of the time),
– have a routine (yes, I know – that’s boring for some people but essential for those like us with small kids!),
– are making new friends,
– and are overall just comfortable where we are (i.e. we…ok I am no longer paranoid or scared when I leave the security of my home….yeah…and I am actually now wearing jewelry again too…take that paranoia!).

Yes, it was a long (and bumpy) road to come to this so we are taking it all in slowly so we can enjoy it.

3 months in – 21 more to go during which we can finally relax and enjoy living in Brazil…


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