To walk or not to walk?….that is the question

Luca’s been able to walk for quite some time now but apparently he has enjoyed crawling much more (so far that older kids will resort to crawling when they play with Luca rather than Luca imitating them in walking). Most of the time, Luca insists on holding on to a finger (barely) or a push toy when he’s walking even though he has on numerous occasions walked 10-15 steps on his own especially when encouraged to walk from dad to mom or vice versa….however, this morning, he hopped from my lap and walked across the living room to the dining room table, turned around, and took a few more steps before his tush hit the ground! Pictures to follow (my attempt of videotaping him yesterday turned into tears as I couldn’t manage both the camera and catching him as he fell….yeah, rough day).


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