We are still in Copa do Mundo fever here in Brazil and yesterday was no exception when Brazil beat Chile. We were actually on the road (playing taxi and picking up John from work) when Brazil scored their first goal and it was really fun to see everyone celebrate at the bars, restaurants, and on the street. In case you wouldn’t know what to expect when a goal occurs… let me just say that no matter where you are in Sao Paulo (or probably Brazil for that matter), you will very well HEAR that a Brazil goal has just been scored – yes, I am talking loud horns and trumpets (imagine your very own vuvuzela orchestra) AND fireworks (that’s right) after each and every Brazil goal. Oh, and of course don’t forget about all the cheering, clapping, and just noise that people can make who are happily celebrating. It’s really a sight to be seen!

Now that USA is out of the running, we are cheering on strong for Germany and Brazil in the next few games. I seriously don’t think I’ve ever watched this much football at any one time before (and mind you, I grew up in Germany!)…and Luca has discovered that the TV is not just a black box that never gets turned on in our living room…


4 thoughts on “Futebol

  1. Oh, Luca´s so cute! World Cup season in Brazil makes us feel really united & happy, obviously if Brazil scores the better, but if not, I mean if Brazil loses the match, we´d go for another one… oops, except for Argentina… LOL

  2. It was a sad day in our house when the US was out. And since Costa Rica isn't playing, I think we're going for Germany now. Miss you guys!

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