Out & About in Sao Paulo

Whew, the craziness of the World Cup is now over and life can resume back to normal (although I am sure that the World Cup ended for many Brazilians after Brazil was eliminated). The previous 2 weekends were long weekends (the joy of not having to work US as well as post-specific holidays) and the “winter” weather here has been fabulous (75F and sun) so we took advantage of those sunny days and ventured out to explore more of the city.

First stop…the zoo. We made what turned out to be a very poor decision and decided to go to the zoo on a Brazilian holiday….yeah… we were not alone. So much not alone, in fact, that the 14km (9 miles) drive from our home took well over 2 hours (we actually only rolled for the last 1.5 km – it’s a good thing I have a lot of patience….yeah, right!)…fortunately, Luca was a very good traveler and we managed to arrive at the zoo just in time for lunch and apparently Luca’s nap time which enabled us to take in the crowds and the animals at our own pace.

Luca’s reaction to seeing my favorite animals:

Next stop…Ibirapuera Park (yes, it also took me about 2 weeks to roll that name of the park off my tongue without getting tongue-tied). This time we were smarter and did not take the short 20-minute drive to the park on a holiday but we did manage to go to a different park first (a bicycle park), and after walking around for about 15 minutes discovered that we were, in fact, in the wrong park so we had to regroup (and remap) until we found our correct destination! This park is a huge, major park in Sao Paulo and you can easily find tons of people here on the weekends taking a walk, running, playing football, or just hanging out. We were really excited to find a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) playground for kids, which of course, made Luca’s day.

Luca enjoying some agua de coco (coconut water)…

Luca practicing pull-ups with a little help…


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