And now introducing….a walking Luca!

No pictures or video yet but rest assured, the Mendocino is walking and actually wants to walk rather than crawl most of the time. It’s still a cute sight to be seen as he has the “Zombie” walk down (extended hands to balance) and is getting steadier and steadier each day. In other Luca news, he’s finally better again after a crazy and let’s just say messy weekend (you get the picture). Thankfully, doctors here are easily reachable by cell phone (yes, they actually give you their private cell phone and home numbers in case of emergencies….and don’t we as parents know, these always tend to happen outside of office hours!) so after a quick call with Luca’s pediatrician, I was able to head to the pharmacy and start treating a little sick one… But we are back to normal and it has stopped raining so we can play outside and enjoy the sun!


One thought on “And now introducing….a walking Luca!

  1. Woo hoo on walking! Owen's doing quite a bit of it these days, too, and right now he's almost running across the living room floor. (OK, it's so he could go yell at the new air purifier, but still.)

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