Zoo Safari & Life with a Walking Toddler

On yet another beautiful “winter” day yesterday, we ventured out to explore Sao Paulo’s Zoo Safari (a zoo through which you drive with a van and guide and the animals come close to the vehicles…yes, very ecological, I know)… it was lots of fun although we counted on Luca to take a nap on the drive over which unfortunately didn’t happen so in tow with a tired toddler and friends from the consulate, we set out to see animals close up. As the pictures show, Luca was not so impressed the first few minutes but soon was excited to be so close to monkeys and camels (his favorite animals of the day).

Mom, check it out – there’s a monkey right there!

And how has our life changed since we now live with a walking Luca? A LOT… yes, this is by far the most fun we’ve had with him as he is so proud of himself when he walks around (new now is that he raises his hands when walking – kind of like a “raise the roof” walk…not sure where he got that from!). Having said that, we have also learned that our belongings are no longer safe. He’s been busy rearranging tupperware, toys, shoes – you name it. And, you end up finding these things in random places like bathroom cabinets, the shower, toy bins, the fridge….you get the picture. Ok, off to playgroup we go – as soon as I can find my shoes that is!


2 thoughts on “Zoo Safari & Life with a Walking Toddler

  1. Isn't it maddening about the shoes? Owen carries Laura's and Kevin's around all the time. (I guess this is an indication I'm the only person here who puts their shoes in a secure location …)

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