Frustrations of FS Life

When you’re sent abroad with a government agency, you can use a DPO/APO address so you can continue ordering a million things online (hello amazon) from the US. I have been making use of this address and ordered books, clothes, and other life essentials….it’s not perfect or flawless by any means since almost no one outside of the military is familiar with these types of shipments and almost no one believes you that it’s a real, US address and that you need to only pay postage as if you are sending mail within the US. Also, the mail takes a VERY LONG time to get to post – especially here. We’ve waited about 6-8 weeks for a package which makes planning ahead essential. All these issues you can more or less live with except for one major set-back which we learned yesterday afternoon: a shipment from the US to Brazil has been intercepted and … yes, stolen … let me just say that I am awaiting books and clothes at the moment and quite confident that they are not going to show up (fortunately, a major diaper order made it yesterday – apparently diapers are not a priority for mail thieves). I am annoyed and frustrated and on top of that, I now get to deal with insurance and credit card companies to ask them to resend documents that we are most likely never going to see – let me just say that today, I don’t have much patience for customer service people… oh the joys of living abroad!


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