One Year

One year ago today, we took the plunge and dove into FS life. One year ago today, we became dependent on the government for housing, work, and other crazy adventures. I still remember the anxieties we (ok, mainly I) had when we pulled into the parking lot of our new home in the DC area – would this work out for us? Are we crazy to give up our comfortable lives and let someone else decide where and when we move around the world? What would all this do to our then newborn son? What about my career and all the things I have worked so hard for?

Well, a year in I can say this has been a fantastic journey. Yes, it wasn’t always easy and there were many bumps in the road (like our first 2 months at post), but overall it has been a great experience. We have made some wonderful friends (who just like us are that crazy to move their families and possessions every few years) and although we now live far away from most of them, we love being able to catch up with them and their adventures no matter if they are in China, India, Mexico or another part of the world. John’s finally enjoying his work (he gets to talk to many people every day here! And in DC, he was even paid to study and learn a language!), has fantastic work hours (he’s home at 5 every day…yeah it’s nice!), and I have learned to become a bit more flexible over the past year – something that was not always an easy lesson. And Luca – he’s loving it. Sure, at this point he doesn’t know a different life but he’s been a great trooper and adapted to all the changes (like moving 2 times within a year) without a problem. Yes, I am sure the constant moves and transitions will become harder as he gets older but so far, so good.

So, a year in – and I am sure a few more ahead of us. Thanks to our readers for keeping up with our crazy life and adventures and HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY to the 147th A-100 class!


4 thoughts on “One Year

  1. I remember you guys moving in. I remember Luca as a three month old (he still is in my head), and I remember having drinks in the hall as if we were in college. I'm so happy you've kept us updated, I'm excited to continue the reading.

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