Is it time for vacation yet?

It’s been a busy, crazy, and frustrating past few weeks. For one – Luca’s molar teeth are coming in…an event that is neither fun nor pain free (and this is a kid who never even winced when a new tooth arrived). Molar teething roughly translates into constant irritability and excessive whining (for Luca that is….I am not whining yet but am becoming irritated myself….I can’t really blame him since yes those teeth are big and hurt when they push through tiny little gums but there’s only so much whining I can take in a day never mind in one week). Thankfully we have Tylenol to the rescue…

Right about the same time that the molar teeth started making an appearance, Luca decided it was a good time to start testing boundaries and asserting his independence (what you say? this is what toddlerhood is all about???). Yes….more complaining and whining when he doesn’t get his way (oh the whining….) like when I drive his royal highness through 45 minutes of terrible traffic (to get as far as 7 miles) to a fun activity or playdate and he decides that after 10 minutes, he’s had enough and it’s time to leave RIGHT NOW…. Yeah….cue in the fun background music while I *patiently* explain that “no, it’s not time to leave yet; we still have lots of time here to have some fun (before mommy needs to go back into this horrendous traffic and wait patiently to inch forward closer to home while entertaining a restless child in the backseat who’s also had enough of the traffic).” Oh, and then don’t even get me started on the fun of disciplining a screaming toddler in public areas here in Brazil where children are always supposed to be happy and if they cry, it roughly translates into mild child abuse when mommy doesn’t pick up and cuddle the “cute and helpless little creature” to turn his mood around (cue in the scathing looks of other moms and nannies while I wait for my son to calm down during a temper tantrum *gasp* WITHOUT picking him up, wiping away his tears, and putting on a dance and song number….I am sure there will be more to say on that topic later).

Next – on to traffic….yes, it’s getting to me. Yes, it is just as bad as you may have heard …. A recent article in “Foreign Policy” confirms that traffic in Sao Paulo is no fun, ranking 4th in terms of worst city traffic-wise after Bejing, Moscow, and Mexico City (remind me not to bid on those posts) – here’s a link to the article:,3

On top of that, Luca and I spend at least 1 hour every day in the car just driving John to and from work because everyone else lives so far away from us that he can’t carpool with anyone. Yes, it’s not his fault and he does feel bad that I need to chauffeur him around town but …. well, that doesn’t help me much at this point…(as I need the car during the day since we can’t walk anywhere or take public transportation).

So yes, I am burned out…I need to get out of this crazy city where simple 10-mile trips have turned into 2 hour ordeals as you are waiting for the traffic light in front of you to change from red to green to red again without having moved an inch… and I need some mommy time (alone!) of sitting on a beach and reading a book in peace (without a whiny toddler or someone honking their horn)…. it’s time for vacation … good thing we’re leaving on Saturday. Whew…4 more days to paradise…that should roughly mean only a few more hours in bad traffic, a handful of more temper tantrums, and 3 more days of playing taxi driver… I hope there is some R&R waiting for me at the beach…


One thought on “Is it time for vacation yet?

  1. Sounds like you and I are feeling similarly toward our host countries. I too am so happy to have a long weekend – yay for baby turtles running to the sea!

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