Ah…back to happiness!

And we’re back….back to feeling happy and cheery that is! After an exhausting few weeks of unhappiness (see my earlier post), we are now apparently back to our regular old programming of happy times! And, to add more cheeriness – Luca’s table and chair set finally arrived in the mail (it’s been a very lengthy process of ordering from online store 1, waiting for shipping confirmation, emailing with customer service, finding out order has been cancelled, repeat the same process with online stores 2 and 3 until finally, Babies R Us and our mail system came through!) – this picture is taken before I was even able to put the cute stickers on the table as Luca was so excited to have his own table. I love having this new space for him as he now has snack time and his morning milk there. We even spent a good chunk of time doing puzzles there yesterday….John and I can’t wait to get the playdough out and start having some arts & craft fun….BUT, that will have to wait until after our vacation – BECAUSE WE’RE LEAVING TOMORROW (cue in sounds of breaking oceans, scents of ocean water, and peace & quiet)!!!


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