Back from Paradise

Aahhh… what a fantastic week we had…

Our first and very much needed family vacation (as in we are not staying with friends or family….we’re actually going somewhere new and staying in a hotel!) was a great success for a number of reasons: 1) beautiful hotel and location (Arrail d’Ajuda in Southern Bahia, Brazil … less than a 2-hour flight from Sao Paulo), 2) fantastic weather (well minus the last 3 days that were marked by wind and rain….but nothing was getting us down since we used that time wisely playing indoors and sleeping!), and last but certainly not least (3) John was awarded (hands down) the “husband & daddy of the year award” (hm…I wonder how he realized that I needed a break?). Seriously, I think Luca (and I for that matter) will be in John withdrawal when he goes back to work on Monday.

So what did we do? Well, here’s a list of things we enjoyed doing after not being able to do them here for the past 6 months:
– enjoy clean air (we were seriously amazed that the pollution and smog is visible when flying over Sao Paulo….and yes, I realize that flying contributes to that pollution but it was still pretty unbelievable to actually see a thick layer of smog that seems to fade the further you travel away from the city)
– see stars at night!
– take a bath in an actual bathtub (I think Luca may have been a little confused at first that he wasn’t sitting in a tubberware container filled with water!)
– go to a water park (and not just any water park, nope we were at the biggest water park in South America close-by to the hotel)
– not get stuck in traffic!!!!
– sleep late (ok, that was just me as the husband-of-the-year added father-son time to his vacation schedule every morning between the time our little 1.5 year old alarm went off until a more reasonable breakfast time for me!)
– catch up on lots of sleep (oh right…that must have been just me again)

So, yes – a true vacation success….here are some pictures of our adventures:

View of Porto Seguro & Arrail d’Ajuda in the far back from the historic center of Porto Seguro (where the Portuguese landed to “discover” Brazil):

Our beach at the hotel….yes, it was that crowded!

Luca loving beach life (and me loving the fact that he didn’t mind wearing a hat!)…

After working up courage for the entire week, Luca was brave to feed the parrots by himself this morning before we left!

Next up? Brasilia in 2 weeks and counting (although that will not be an actual vacation for John who will be working at the embassy but at least it will be a change of scenery for Luca & me to explore the city)…


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