Our friend Emily

We have a “friend” named Emily. We are not so sure how we feel about her. Sure, she’s nice to have around (after all we befriended her to add convenience to our lives) but a lot of the time, she drives us insane. For instance, she often cannot differentiate between her and our reality. She’s British so she speaks with a “funny accent” which is something we actually like and find quite charming but she has trouble understanding that we do not live in the UK. Case in point, she is fully convinced that “BR” stands for “British Railroad” and not for the Brazilian highway system so she repeatedly insists that we need to take the British railroad throughout the Brazilian countryside even though there are no train tracks in sight. Other times, she simply refuses to speak with us if she is upset about something or breaks down altogether and stops helping us find our way around. She also has a way of butchering the Portuguese language. Yes, my Portuguese is not the best but at least I make an effort to pronounce words the way they should sound….not Emily. No, she just assumes that every word she reads and speaks must be English and pronounces it as such which often leads to more confusion on our side. Oh Emily…what will we do with you?

And no, in case you haven’t figured it out, Emily is not a “real” person per se but our GPS system that mostly helps us find our way around Brazil. Unless of course, Emily is convinced that we are driving in the middle of desert countryside in which case she stops talking with us…. what will we do with you?


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