What? You took your son to Oktoberfest?

Yes, we did. And no, we’re not bad parents. In fact, I learned that it was much harder to get Luca to leave Oktoberfest than it was to drag John away from the festivities.

The German Village in Blumenau, Santa Catarina State – the site of the yearly Oktoberfest which according to the Lonely Planet, is the second biggest Brazilian festival (the most popular and biggest, of course, is Carnaval in Rio).

That’s how the festivities opened (on Brazilian time, mind you, which is so not German time…and don’t even get me started on the Brazilian bureaucracy to buy food which again is so not like the efficient German system that I am used to) – lots of people dressed in Lederhosen and Tirolerhuete (hats) riding on bicycles while German folk music blasted in the background. Yes, it was really this much fun!

Plenty of photo-ops!

And an awesome new hat for Luca…

What else did we do on our second successful family vacation? Get in plenty of beach time….yeah, it was a really, really rough vacation….


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