Welcome to the "terrific two’s"

No, you didn’t miss Luca’s 2nd birthday but we’re definitely on our way to the “terrific two’s” and the appropriate personality development as in “I will melt down right here, right NOW if I don’t get what I want RIGHT THIS MINUTE!” Fortunately it doesn’t happen all too often (and luckily our interventions seem to work although putting your child into time-out apparently shocks the living daylights out of Brazilians who seem bewildered that we won’t resort to a sing & dance routine to entertain our child after of course, giving in to his every demand and need).

And of course, some of these outbursts are cute and funny (especially when he’s dressed so well like in this picture) … so rather than resort to laughing, I am just going to get out the camera and entertain you all!


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