Restaurant Roundabout … Wanna Play?

The 3 of us like to eat….it’s no secret that we love food. We will eat just about anything within reason – well, I would probably stay away from some of the fried critters you can get on the streets in Asia but am sure that my two boys would try them just to see what they’re like.

A little while ago during one of our epic road journeys, John asked me what my fantasy world would look like if it contained of all of my favorite restaurants from cities we had lived in before …. well, that turned into a long path down memory lane in which we reminisced about all the fantastic food we had eaten at restaurants in New York City, Toronto, DC, and now here.

So before I post my list of favorite restaurants, I invite you (yes, that’s all of you readers from around the world!) to share your most memorable and favorite restaurants around the world in which you have eaten – post your suggestions as comments or email them to – don’t forget to include type of food, city, country, and website if possible!


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