Let’s Eat!

As promised, a list of all our favorite eats in the cities we’ve lived in over the past few days…

– The Elephant – fabulous, just fabulous Thai/Vietnamese/French bistro place with fantastic drinks and atmosphere (and surprisingly kid friendly when we stopped by for a bite to eat with 3-month old Luca in tow)

-Bouley Restaurant – just fantastic French restaurant with a to-die-for bakery

– Bar Tabac – cozy, little Brooklyn secret of excellent French bistro food and atmosphere

– Zaytoon’s – if you like Middle Eastern food, this Brooklyn place is a must-eat. Absolutely fantastic

– Vintage – so the food is not the reason you would go to this mid-town bar, but the 100’s of martinis to choose from should definitely make up for all the hunger you might feel…

Washington, DC:
– Zed’s – if you like Ethiopian food or would like to sample it, don’t miss this great find in Georgetown

Toronto, Canada:
– Beer Bistro – if you beer is your thing, then this restaurant is very much worth eating at with fantastic mussels cooked in beer as well as hundreds of beers from around the world to choose from

Sao Paulo, Brazil:
– Due Cuochi – absolutely fantastic Italian restaurant in Itaim Bibi, Sao Paulo

I am sure that a few more will pop into my head after I publish this but this


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