Spring is in the air!

It’s November….which means it’s spring time here in Brazil (and yes, that still takes a little getting used to thinking that we will [hopefully] have sun and lots of sunshine on Thanksgiving and Christmas). Behind us are the “cold” Novembers of a past life (and no, we really don’t miss the Canadian snow or wind chills) which can only mean one thing….time for me to learn how to “garden.” Up until now, I’ve managed to kill every living non-human thing in our home, so on a recent trip to the fabulous weekly fruits and vegetable market, I decided that I needed to add some green life to our balcony [and yes, I managed to “plant” the herbs all by myself…which also meant that I had to first invest in a shovel and soil….go me!]. So, let’s see how long our cherry tomatoes, basil, and mint can last…(I’ve already given up on the flowers since well…they’re no longer as cheery and pretty as they were in this picture taken a few weeks ago!). Any garden tips and words of wisdom are much appreciated!

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