Marine Ball

Last night, we attended our first US Marine Ball – yes, a night out without the little one. I made use of the spa down our street to get a manicure and pedicure (which ended up taking almost 2 HOURS….most of which was spent waiting although I had an appointment that I made…drum roll please….over the phone in Portuguese!) and John dusted off his tuxedo (yes, he actually owns one – a remnant of his lawyer days as he will let you know). And, for the first time since we arrived here, I actually wore my jewelry (well, once we were at the Ball that is).

Did we have fun? Oh yes… a very fun night with lots of fun people. After the cocktail part of the evening, the Marines had a ceremony to formally celebrate their birthday (235 years!) which was followed by dinner and dancing. Did we dance the night away, you ask? Well…no …. you see, at this part of the night, we began to feel old…like, really, really old. We really liked the music that was played during dinner but as soon as the last few plates were cleared, the music moved into a “club scene” that we could no longer relate to (oooh…listen to us whine… how old are we now really?!?!). So, rather than hit the dance floor, we chatted the night away until it was time to relieve our babysitter. Oh, and I almost forgot to congratulate the Marine who returned to Sao Paulo from his current post to propose to his Brazilian girlfriend in front of the entire team last night….parabens! Yes, a fun night all around!


2 thoughts on “Marine Ball

  1. Sounds like a fun night!! Such a cute proposal story :-). And I'm not sure whether this one picture counts… Rose can chime in on this as well ;-). You both look great!

  2. Nicole, this is Erin. Sadie is right, you do both look great — especially you – you're absolutely glowing. I don't believe that has anything to do with the mani/pedi either. ; ) Such a beautiful mama!

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