Happy Thanksgiving

This year is our first Thanksgiving in Brazil. And it’s just the season as it’s hot and steamy outside today …. so, generally good weather to be roasting two birds tomorrow – two, you ask? Well, we will have a turkey that I finally found after lots of searching a few weeks ago (and getting very confused looks and responses when I asked butchers if they had turkeys) but it is only a small, little guy (weighing in just under 10 pounds but the most expensive turkey I’ve ever cooked!) so we’ll also be having a roasted chicken to feed everyone at the table! Who’s everyone? We’re going to be eating with a bunch of friends from the consulate which roughly translates into lots of kids, lots of food, lots of chaos – and we’re looking forward to it all! Best of all, the men are on kids duty tomorrow (field trip to the Sao Paulo snake farm…) so that the ladies can spend the day cooking and chatting … it’s a rough life here…


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