Thanksgiving in Brazil

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner that we were able to share with many friends and kids. “Paulo” – our turkey (every year we name our turkey) – turned out to be very, very yummy (stuffed with oranges, limes, and fresh herbs) and as you might be able to see from the picture was carved perfectly thanks to Julia Child’s guidance (I practiced with roasted chickens earlier and had a great cook/volunteer to carve Paulo! I wish I had taken a picture of before and after….it was really quite impressive!). And, in line with Brazilian spring/summer/rainy season, it was steamy hot during the day (so it was extra fun to keep on opening and closing the oven to baste Paulo and his chicken friend) and then poured tremendously in the late afternoon – so much, in fact, that we lost power just when we were ready to dive into dessert.

What have we been up to on Thanksgiving weekend? Well, now that the holiday season is officially around the corner, we went to a Christmas bazaar (in shorts since it’s still pretty hot!) and then enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at our pool….kind of makes our memories of those cold, snowy, and icy November weekends in Toronto fade away…


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