Where in the World Are These Bloggers?

And happy new year to you too! Yes, where have we disappeared to yet again, you might wonder… we’re still very much in Sao Paulo, Brazil and fully enjoying (?) the rainy season where it is guaranteed to rain every day – it’s just a question of when and for how long (last year as in a week or so ago, it rained all day long, every day for 8 straight days….but thankfully that was so last year that we have higher hopes for 2011!).

We started the new year with a great party with lots of food, friends, and kids and had good seats to enjoy the fireworks around the city. So what else have we been up to this year? For me, I’ve been greatly enjoying my Christmas present – a KitchenAid mixer….I am not sure how I ever survived without one – and it seems that my family has been enjoying all the treats I’ve been cooking up too as those cinnamon buns barely lasted overnight.

Oh, and of course we started the new year with a new haircut for the little guy. Was he as “tranquilo” as the last time he got his haircut….uhm, we can confidently answer that one with a big NO. Yet again, there were many tears involved and I learned that cookies, mango juice, toys, cars (yes, even cars!), and videos of the Backyardigans can only last so long. So – no pictures during the ordeal as I was busy entertaining and calming him down but here’s a few of the handsome “after look! (yes, it’s short but did I mention that this kid’s hair grows like there’s no tomorrow?)”


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