Plus Paulista Makes 4…

…of us that is. You see, I haven’t been quite straightforward for …. hm, let’s see….the past 9 months or so.

Yes, you read correctly – we have added a beautiful little baby girl to our family, which you might gather might also have something to do with the lack of posts recently (let’s just say that she had thoughts about arriving a few weeks ahead of schedule but thanks to a fabulous doctor and fantastic healthcare here – that is if you are fortunate to receive such priviledged care – we were able to convince the Paulista otherwise). So, please say hello to our little girl who has already turned our world upside down (yes, gone are the restful nights!).

Juliana (prononced the Portuguese/Italian/Spanish way, not to be confused with the American “Julianna”) Elisbet (yes, there is no “h” here as she is named after my grandmother who passed away before she was able to meet any of our kids and this is how she spelled her name) was born on January 6, 2011 in Sao Paulo. The date is also special to us as it is my grandfather’s birthday who passed away this past September. Yes, she is quite a special little lady already.

And how did Luca react to having to share the spotlight? Let’s just say that this change will certainly take time for him to digest. Sure, he has enjoyed the past few months laughing at my growing belly, pointing out that my belly button sticks out, and most importantly using my belly as a ramp for his cars – but now he seems quite confused that there is another little person hanging out with us…

After initial ignorance (along the lines of “maybe she’ll just go back where she came from if I pretend she’s not here and divert Mommy’s and Daddy’s attention”), we are now at the point of curiosity that fortunately involves looking at her and also trying to touch her to see what she will do and waving to her. Yes, it looks like we have quite an exciting road ahead of us so stay tuned to find out how life with 2 kids under 2 years treats us and at which point I will be in desperate need of a supernanny, a full-time cook and a housekeeper!


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