Reporting from the Chaos Front

WARNING: adding a cute little person can create chaos in your home…..but just look at that cute little face!

So I wanted to write a 1-week update from the time we came home from the hospital but needless to say, that didn’t happen. You see, our days are filled with attending to our kids and their tempers (I should add the word “tantrum” for one of those children who shall remain nameless), feeding hungry mouths (and let me just add here that there is nothing “natural” about breastfeeding – seriously, it must have been a man who decided that breastfeeding is the most “natural” thing….it is indeed a science in itself which is something I learned with Luca the first time around and gladly found out that it does come easier the second time around ….note that I didn’t say pain-free), changing diapers (it’s amazing how huge a size 4 diaper looks in comparison to a newborn size), and putting our tired kids to sleep (and yes, this is also quite an art form with a newborn….bring in scenes from last night and the night before in which John and I tag-teamed the rocking, bouncing, and singing routine….interestingly the most successful putting to sleep method seems to be John’s reading of business news….now who would have thought that?!?!).

Are we having fun? You betcha! We are loving every crazy minute of it and we are learning important lessons daily, such as:

– even if you plan everything for your older kid before the little one comes, you need to be prepared for a sudden growth spurt that leaves your toddler needing new shoes NOW which then means the first family outing is a trip to the mall which can sometimes run more costly than a simple pair of sandals…(enough said)
– if you thought it was difficult to leave the house with one kid, then consider planning a sequence of events the night before you even attempt to leave the house with 2 (a trip to the grocery store last week took several attempts of getting out the door including one in which both kids were screaming, the phone rang, and the power went out all at the same time…yeah, which one do you tackle first?)
– poop can squirt in many directions and sometimes being quick enough to dodge out of the way does not mean chaos will not ensure (thankfully oxyclean came to the carpet’s rescue but I learned to not send Luca out of the room so quickly as the poor little guy didn’t understand what was happening and yes, that meant being subjected to yet again another screaming toddler moment)

Thankfully these chaotic moments are sparse and we have many, many cute moments such as those we were able to get on camera below (yes, you can truly believe your eyes….Luca has warmed up to his little sister and makes a point of looking for her every morning when he wakes up….insert a collective “ooohhh” here).

That’s it from the chaos front as 2 kids are in need of attention, food, sleep, or all of the above. Stay tuned for more craziness….


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