Oma Manages to Escape the Chaos

When my parents learned that we were expecting the Paulista, my Mom (“Oma” for the kids) graciously agreed to come and help out for a little while to take care of Luca while I was in the hospital and to take care of us so we could get used to life with 2 small kids. Little did she know that her services were needed much earlier but again, she came to the rescue after I went into preterm labor and managed to find an earlier flight to head our way (ok, so we really owe a big thank you to my dad’s secretary who worked wonders convincing the airlines to change her flights).

In any case, Oma stayed with us for 6 weeks (yes, quite a long time and I think my mom and I can honestly say that we were both a little nervous about spending so much time together). Perhaps surprisingly for everyone involved, the time flew by so quickly that we can’t believe she is actually leaving us today (we might be in denial!) to head home to the very, very cold city she calls her home (and whose football team will not be playing in the Superbowl this year).

So, all we can say now is a big THANK YOU to Oma for spending time with us and taking care of us (and not running away when she had the chance….well, coming to think of it, she is kind of running away from the chaos now, isn’t she?).

Oh, and yes, I promised to post at least one embarrassing picture….here’s Oma being the handy-woman that she is when we redecorated the guest room which is now Juliana’s room. Yes, we know – it’s the wrong kind of pliers to remove nails but hey, it worked and it was the only one we had!

Oma, me, and the kids in Sao Roque yesterday – a beautiful day for a family trip to the Sao Paulo countryside!


2 thoughts on “Oma Manages to Escape the Chaos

  1. Love the photos of Oma. You look great too, my dear! More Luca and Juliana photos please!Can you believe we are moms of two???? A is now very much into watching his "Beauty and the Beast" DVD — which brings back a lot of France/Italy memories from 10ish years ago!

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