I should be napping….

….but it’s a beautiful afternoon and BOTH kids are finally (!) asleep (God knows for how long) so instead of taking care of my very strong desire to sleep, I am checking emails, reading blogs, and keeping up with current events (and yes, that includes keeping up with facebook!)… I’ll just have more coffee later to prolong this sudden spur of energy!

So, how’s it going, you might wonder with John back at work part of the time and without my mom to keep me sane? It’s great… no, seriously, it is…. and of course it’s often complete and utter chaos. And, for a control freak like me, it’s a miracle that I am loving this craziness (note that I didn’t say that I was good at managing the chaos just yet….). What are some of the chaotic highlights? Hm, how about when I took both kids to the park and was quietly congratulating myself for choosing a park that more or less contains curious toddlers in close proximity only to find myself in a “what do you do now?” situation when I was nursing Juliana and Luca was climbing up on playground equipment only to be stuck and on the verge of falling off. Fortunately, we were with a bunch of friends who rushed to Luca’s rescue but seriously, what does one do in that situation when one child is literally attached to you and the stroller is out of reach?

Lunch and nap times are also a bit crazy at times when home alone as both kids often decide they must eat NOW and be VERY tired but not tired enough to sleep just yet… and there are more crazy moments but as luck will have it (who would have expected?), Juliana just woke up and needs food NOW….let’s just hope that Luca will stay in bed and not go on any crazy climbing excursion in our apartment!


One thought on “I should be napping….

  1. I remember those days! Ours are 22 mos apart, and I just want to say- it gets easier! Sounds like you are enjoying the fun along with the challenges, but just know that you'll become a pro at balancing the needs of both kids and also tolerating a bit more chaos! Sometimes baby J has to be rudely interrupted while you rescue her brother from the jungle gym. She'll survive. 🙂 Best of luck as you settle into your new rhythm.

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