German genes

It’s been one of those weeks..lots of change (some expected, others not so much) and we have finally(?) made it to Friday only to go back to more or less the same again next week. How are we doing? Good although I am still dealing with Opa’s passing but in terms of crazy and chaotic family life, we’re doing good…..I think!

Luca entered a new phase of life this week – pre-school or escolinha ( little school) as it’s called here. I was very torn whether or not to agree to sending Luca to pre-school at such a young age but now, after a week, I am not sure why I hesitated. He absolutely loves his “kindergarten” (yes, to confuse him more, we opted for a German-speaking escolinha). And why shouldn’t he? They have a fun playground, LOTS of toys, songs and dances, arts and crafts, and oh yeah, lots of kids to play with and animals ( think turtles, dogs, birds, guinea pigs) so how could staying home with me and a baby possibly compete with that?

Of course, this means quite a change to Juliana’s (I’ve been calling her “Juju” for short while John resorts more often to “Jules”) and my daily schedule since we now get up at the crack of dawn for our early morning feed so that I can get everyone out the door to chauffeur them to their prospective destinations only to return home, feed a baby, keep a baby awake, have lunch ready for 3 of us, battle with at least one kid to stay awake for a little while longer, keep the older kid away from the little one playing on the floor (of course baby toys have become MUCH more interesting for Luca since Juju has been home with us) and finally get the older kid ready for nap time and pray that the little one will decide to sleep at roughly the same time (only a partial success so far… Don’t even ask me about Juju’s sleeping attempts yesterday). I then hope that Luca has a good nap so he’s well rested when he’s awake just before I have to shuffle everyone out the door again for another pick-up…. So, while I REALLY didn’t want to put a 4-week old baby on a schedule, well….you get my point. So there it is, our German genes for structure and organization are beginning to shine through….we might just be getting good at this!


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