I deserve a prize for this…

…I am thinking chocolate…yes, or perhaps a glass of wine….or well, jewelry would do too…

Today was the day that I knew was going to come at one point…my first FULL day of being home alone with 2 little ones – “full” as in every single meal I ate today was in the company of my kids only as John had a dinner event at work. When he first told me of this work event, I thought he was kidding….I mean what I really thought was something along the lines of “do you seriously think I can pull this off all by myself?” Well, perhaps surprisingly, it turns out I can. Sure there was the extra help of Luca’s escolinha in the morning to keep him entertained but other than that, it’s been ME and just ME, all day… and it’s been FUN. Yes, capital letters FUN. We played, we goofed, we ran around outside (great post-partum work-out was my take!), we bonded and I think I might just be starting to figure out how to engage both kids at the same time. It’s also been great to see Luca become a sweet big brother to Juju (bringing her toys, drawing my attention to her when she’s crying, waving hello and good-bye to her, and snuggling with her in her jungle gym…ok, so perhaps he needs LOTS of supervision for that last one but it is really cute!)

Sure, there were times of chaos and a few instances of 2 crying or whiny kids at once but hey, we all managed, we’re all still here, all in one piece without major meltdowns or even a single time-out (a major improvement from yesterday when Luca earned himself 2 time-outs before 7:30am – that’s when you know you’re going to really need that second cup of coffee!). At this point, I’ve made it to 8:30pm (never mind that my day started a bit before 6am since Luca decided he needed lots of mommy time this morning before escolina) – 2 kids are asleep (one who will be up in a little while for food and a bath before finally settling down and another one who went to bed without trouble and looked like he very much enjoyed his mommy time today). Ah, as luck will have it…someone is ready to be fed and bathed…


3 thoughts on “I deserve a prize for this…

  1. of course you could do it! glad it was a fun experience – that was probably more fulfilling than realizing it was simply possible :-). big brother Luca sounds adorable!

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