Bidding Season!

That’s right, folks….it’s that time of the tour for us – we’re ready to bid for our next post!!! We’re scheduled to receive our bid list tomorrow and you can just imagine what our weekend will be like (insert my paranoid face here: LOTS of time on the internet researching posts)… so, we will hopefully be able to answer your ever recurring question of “where are you going next?” soon although it will be a few more weeks until someone in DC determines our fate but in the meantime, we can talk a bit about the possible options rather than widely speculating on where we would want to go.

And just where would we want to go? Well, that is a good question that seems to be particularly hard to answer when you literally have the entire world to choose from…sure, there are certain places we would rather avoid but in terms of having a
personal preference, we don’t…nope, we are pretty much open to anything as long as certain dimensions add up for the new assignment (e.g., John does not want to do another consular rotation, I would like to live somewhere where the health care is adequate and we don’t have to be med evacuated to receive good care and where I don’t have to worry about my kids being exposed to certain diseases, high speed internet access is also important so that I can keep my sanity, and of course, being somewhere where we can feel safe is always a nice plus along with living in a walkable city so that I can get rid of some of that extra post-pregnancy weight that seems to have accumulated itself around my thighs and belly…but yes, I digress…oh, and being able to [quickly] learn the language would also be important right?).

This time around, we are rank ordering our top 30 choices rather than going through the exhaustive process again of bidding for our first post in which we had to rank all of the options. The rules have changed somewhat for this bidding process that, unfortunately, makes bidding this time around more restrictive than we had anticipated. How have we been preparing this time around? Hm, lots of conversations that started with “what if” (e.g., what if you had to choose between going to India and Russia – two places that are certain to overwhelm me on numerous levels) and that often ended up with “why don’t we just wait until we have the list to sort out that hypothetical dilemma…”

You see – much excitement awaits us…stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Bidding Season!

  1. Good luck! Don't you have to bid on D.C. posts, too, since John's done consular and is off language probation? So many possibilities, so much stress. But you'll be happy when it's over!

  2. I feel your excitement and EVERYTHING! I can't wait to see that list! 🙂 China doesn't sounds so bad after all…huh? Rose, thanks for testing it out for us. 🙂 Talk soon!

  3. We submitted our list this morning (eek!) and now we wait. Fingers crossed for a great list of options for you and everyone else in the second tranche! I'm debating whether or not I want to see what's on your list out of fear that I'll be comparing the two… I'll probably at least sneak a peek 🙂

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