Malaria or Violence?

The bid list we received on Friday listed over 140 positions in cities around the world and our task for the past few days has been to sort through all of the jobs/cities and list our top 30 while keeping certain constraints like matching arrival dates with language training in mind. It’s not as easy as it sounds as there are many more constraints we need to consider that I am not going to bore you with here. The good news so far is that we have been able to cut the list substantially to something quite workable containing jobs and cities with which we are both happy (we are assuming that the kids will not be using their veto power just yet).

As we’ve been going through the list and researching cities (some of which I have never heard of until Friday night (quick – can you name all the capital cities of the “Central Asian ‘stan’s?”)), we have been having many interesting conversations like “should we bid on city A in which malaria is present or go with city B in which there is no malaria but violent crime?” [any input is much appreciated by the way – we already surveyed our pediatrician this morning]

So what are we bidding on? It’s (still) too early to really say as we need to double check timing of arriving at post and language training before we can really make our list of top 30 but so far, it’s looking like we will be bidding on cities/jobs on every continent other than Antarctica (and to answer the forthcoming question from our family…yes, that does include Africa!). Yes, this is indeed exciting!

In other news, Juju had her 1-month check-up today and has already gained a whole kilogram since she’s been born, weighing in now at 4.05kg (about 9 lbs). She’s also grown 5 cm and measures 53 cm or roughly 21″. Aside from developing strong vocal chords (audible in the form of unhappy chants when no one is attending to the little diva), she has also developed a fabulous sense of fashion (what little girl could possible live without capris and a cute pink onesie?).

And, while all this bidding is exciting, what really matters at the end of the day is not where we end up … as long as we’ve got these 2 cute chick-a-dee’s with us, life is good!


4 thoughts on “Malaria or Violence?

  1. I vote malaria! Glad bidding is going well. I am amazed at Juliana's picture – she looks simultaneously like a female baby Luca and a mini version of you with some John thrown in! So sweet! And Luca is getting so big!

  2. You all look so wonderful, Nicole! Juju (I love the nickname!) is looking like such a sweetie pie — congrats again! And good luck on the bid list — cannot wait to hear what's in store for you & fam next…

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