It’s done…

the list is in… now, we sit and wait and sit and wait some more (sooo much easier said than done!). Based on this week’s revelation, we can estimate an approximately 2-week turn-around to see where we will be spending our next few years, so here we are keeping our fingers crossed for 2 weeks then. Where did we bid, you ask? Suffice it to say that we bid on the job over the location (fortunately I was also excited about most of those places) so hopefully it will be a win-win for everyone (insert my anxious/paranoid/excited face right here).

What else has been going on? LOTS – Grand-Mom and Grand-Dad are in town and we’ve been keeping busy, busy, busy so expect lots more to come…until then, keep your fingers crossed for us!


2 thoughts on “It’s done…

  1. Oh Nicole – I'm so sorry that I replied so late to you … I clearly didn't realize that bid lists came out AND had to be submitted so quickly. We always have about 1.5 months to think about things before they're due!Best of luck to you – hope you get something you want!!

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