Distracting ourselves

….as we are sitting on the edge of our seats awaiting news of our onward assignment, we have been busy distracting ourselves to keep our mind of this forthcoming email we are most likely to receive when John is off work for Carnival. So yes, this is a little shout-out to the fellow winterlist bidders…we expect immediate announcement of everyone’s assignments so that we can 1) play process of elimination [to find out whether that Paris job is still open and I can fulfill my aspirations of stepping into Julia Child’s shoes and dive into Parisian culinary school!] and 2) hop in the car and race to the consulate to check our emails…

As I have been busy procrastinating and distracting myself from playing “what if we lived in XYZ,” I have stumbled across other FS writers who are undertaking a 100-day challenge of giving up life essentials such as sugar and chocolate (try explaining that to a Brazilian!) or changing other aspects of their daily lives to live healthier (if I was more technological savvy, I would provide a link to those blogs but my distraction process hasn’t given me a chance yet to learn these fancy features ….although, check out the cool “feedjit” feature on the right bottom here that allows you to see where our readers are…pretty neat stuff!). In any case, as I get side-tracked (another thing I seem to be getting quite good at recently – seems to be a by-product of managing more than one kid!), I was inspired by this challenge (as well as by my in-laws who are currently undertaking a similar challenge!) and decided that it’s about time I start getting back into shape again.

You see….before the kids…yes, like 2+ years ago, I was in the best shape of my life but this funny little thing (that suddenly becomes not so little!) called pregnancy apparently changes your body shape (and mood when anyone mentions said body or its shape especially post pregnancy!). While the pounds from Luca’s pregnancy came off rather quickly and while some of my pre-pregnancy clothes already fit me again, I decided it was time to hit the gym again to work off those remaining ever-lingering pounds….cue in to today about 2 hours ago when I made one of my debut entries to our building’s gym. Yes, I have seen it from the inside of the gym a few times over the past few weeks (I think it rained on one of those occasions and I needed shelter!) but today I decided would be different and I would incorporate a more stringent work-out routine to my (very rare) free time…. so my mission for the next (100? few?) days is to get back into shape… so stay tuned to find out if I can stay on course or if I will succumb to the Brazilian work-out method called “liposuction,” which (I kid you not) is readily available and consistently done following Brazilian women’s preferred delivery method of choice – a c-section (it’s not “would you like fries with that?” but rather “would you like a liposuction while we already have you open?”)….I’ll just have to keep this in mind the next time I order a burger…


One thought on “Distracting ourselves

  1. The waiting is definitely the hardest part! Just try to relax and enjoy the Carnival holiday as much as you can (I know – easier said than done). Fingers crossed for a high bid for you! And yes, Paris definitely does sound lovely 🙂

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