Woohoo!!! And, what? It’s been a year already?!

Ok, so we had some time to let it sink in….we’re moving to VIENNA next year! How exciting is that? VERY…. honestly, we did not see that one coming (the majority of our high bids were hardship posts and we were fully prepared and looking forward to moving to a rather remote, off the radar kind of place ….but we will do you all a favor and take this one for the team….and yes, you just heard a big sigh of relief from our friends and family who will not be dragged to visit us in a remote place….). So yes – we are as surprised as the rest of y’all (I’m trying not to loose my TX accent as I am a state resident there, remember (?), while simultaneously “re-learning” my native German that has been compromised by my American accent some say…).

So yes, we are thrilled and for many reasons…. for one, John’s position is exactly what he was looking for (although he probably would have preferred it in the developing world but hey, there’s always time for that in a later tour!), two, we will be fully immersed in a German-speaking country right during the kids’ formative language developing years which means that three, I can actually comfortably communicate with all those people around me (although that Austrian accent might be a tough one…), four, have you seen pictures of this city? Just beautiful (!) and LOTS of culture and things to do (like getting our tush’s into gear to break into a Viennese waltz for those formal occasions!) . Five, Viennese cafes, pastries, and other goodies….need I say more? Six, close proximity to other amazing cities like Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, Munich, and Venice (and a whole lot more…). The list goes on and on…

And while we are about a good year away from moving to Europe, I’ve already put my German genes to use and created many, many lists of things to do, buy, and sell before we leave Brazil and the US (again)…. did you expect anything less?

What else are we up to? Celebrating our 1-year anniversary of being in Sao Paulo tomorrow! That’s right….it’s been a year since we arrived here…time sure flies (especially when you manage to have another baby in that time!)!


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