2 months already?

Yes, the little lady is already 2 months old (and already has us wrapped around her little finger!) – so here are the obligatory stats:
– we have crossed the 10 lb mark and she now weighs in at 4.7 kg (and yes, that still puts her only in the 25th percentile for weight so although she looks chubbier than Luca did at 2 months when he was about the same weight)
– she is 56.5 cm long / 22″

And yes, she is quite good at keeping us on our toes! She does great in the eating department (her father’s child some might say!) and unlike Luca, we did not have any battles with breastfeeding (but she certainly can need some more work on taking a bottle).

Are we sleeping, you might wonder? Well, Luca is….it turns out he can sleep like a rock and once he is asleep, he luckily stays put until the morning. The rest of us? Well, we sleep when we can….no, it’s actually not that bad considering that Juliana can sleep for 6 hours most of the nights between feedings (and sometimes even an unheard of 8 hours …. hopefully writing about her success won’t jinx our nights ahead now!) but she is often a very restless sleeper that keeps me awake … (fortunately for John, this does not seem to bother him one bit). The good news is that she can put herself (back) to sleep and that is half the battle right there….


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