First Family of 4 Get-Away!

Yup, you read correctly – we (successfully?) completed our first get-away as a family of 4. We spent this past weekend at one of the beautiful beaches outside of Sao Paulo. While we originally planned this trip over Christmas, we had to regroup after Juliana contemplated joining us a few weeks early. With fall quickly approaching, we hoped to enjoy a few more days of sunshine but no such luck as our weekend was a bit rained-out. Fortunately the hotel had an indoor pool which we loved (Luca spent about 3 hours in it one morning…yes, I was afraid he might turn into a fish!).

So, how did we do and what did we learn during our first family trip?
– cute little geckos can terrify toddlers like there is no tomorrow even if you explain, over and over, that those little guys are actually on our side and eat all those mosquitos that keep on attacking mom (and, of course, no one else)…
– foosball tables can entertain during rainy days although one needs to make sure to not poke any toddlers with those sticks
– naps are certainly necessary even when you are on vacation (let’s just say that a 45-minute snooze won’t cover it if mom and dad want to have a peaceful dinner)
– softening up and sharing your bed with a toddler will warrant 4am wakings that include jumping on the bed, climbing over parents, yelling their names, and climbing out of bed to race the strollers around the room (yeah, good morning to you too!)
– crying and hungry babies will wake up toddlers but not the other way around

…and finally…
– even when it rains for days and no one really sleeps at the same time, beach family vacations can be lots of fun!


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