Developmental Milestones?

Yes, and we are back – apologies for the long (?) hiatus from the blogosphere. I can’t even tell you why I haven’t posted in a while (days seem to pass by quickly when you are playing chauffeur, cook, and manger to two kids and a husband)… my brain seems to be in full “mommy” mode as in nothing gets done unless I write it down and send myself and email. Good thing I saw that email in which I reminded myself to write a blog update…

In any case…here are a few pictures as we play “catching up with the kiddos – the developmental milestone edition…” Ready? Ok, let’s see it…

1) we seem to be getting good at this…

After all of our helpers left to resume their normal, non-chaotic lives in which temper tantrums and whining were unheard of (why didn’t they take us with them I wonder?), and I was left to my own mothering devices to manage two kids under the age of 2 at home *alone* (I know, what was John thinking?)…I was most nervous about the time after lunch and right before nap time as observations have shown that this can, well, be a rough time (cue in two overtired and hyper kids, one of which has an ability to run wildly while the other one can yell REALLY loudly)…but, I am proud to say that this has turned into my most fun time of day. We have somehow managed to get a good routine into play in which we all eat (often at the same time!) and play together. Ok, so it’s technically turned into what some call “parallel play” but hey, it’s working for us! And perhaps most impressively, our little system allows me to put each kid down by him/herself for nap time without any whining…

2) Sleeping & Baby Talk

Yes, speaking of naps, we seem to be working on this sleep thing… Luca was a super sleeper pretty much from the beginning….Juliana, well…not so much. But, we’re getting there. While Luca needed LOTS of help falling asleep (rocking, singing, dancing, repeat OVER AND OVER AGAIN…), Juju goes to sleep quickly but has a hard time staying asleep so on some afternoons you can find me pacing throughout the apartment with a baby in hand (no more rocking this time around!) or sitting at the edge of my seat after I have put her in her bed ready to jump up when she decides she can’t stay asleep. Because when she decides she can’t sleep and after all the reckless tossing and turning, she makes herself heard VERY LOUDLY (seriously, who would have known a little person can create so much noise?)

3) Toddler Talk

Perhaps it’s the socialization at preschool or Luca is finally picking up that talking can get him things he wants (although he still hasn’t learned the word for ‘food’ instead he runs into the kitchen and points at the table and says “heiss” [=German for “hot” what I often tell him his food is when it is being served])…but he’s becoming more and more verbal and it’s really fun to watch (well, listen). He is also putting words into short sentences, most of them involve me (as in “MOM” *yell in point* not “Mom” – soft and sweetly spoken).

Sometimes he also adds a defeated tone such as last week when we drove to a playground that we hadn’t been to in a while. I ended up getting lost (unheard of in my driving record so I was utterly confused as well!) and I had to pull over a few times, consult the map, make a U-turn, and try again. Each time I stopped and got out the map, I told Luca that we (fine, I) needed some help to find our way to which he replied a defeated “oh no, Mom”…

4) Baby Faces

The 2-3 month period is particularly fun with babies since that’s when they start to smile. Luca pretty much smiled all the time after he figured out how to. Juliana, well…not so much. She goes from a very serious/annoyed expression to cute little smirks and smiles….very cute to watch!

5) Sibling Moments

Perhaps the greatest development in our little household has been the cute interaction between the kiddos. So far, we haven’t had to deal with any jealousy issues although each chick-a-dee makes it clearly known when s/he is in need of attention or feels a bit left out. Luca has been our big helper and tries his best to entertain his sister and take care of her (sometimes a bit too much like last week when he wanted to wipe some imaginary spit up from her mouth and while cute, let’s just say there’s a fine line between wiping and smothering!)

Oh and yes, Luca did get another hair cut…yeah, it was another disaster in the making…I think we’ll be looking for a new hair cutting place as there might be a picture of Luca next to the entrance to warn hair cutters of a particularly loud, cranky, and inconsolable customer whose parents try to make up for the drama by tipping well…


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