And up we go …

Yes, it is time for Juliana to experience her first (of what will surely become many!) adventure on a plane . My dad has a big birthday coming up (60!) which is reason enough to fly thousands of miles North (including one stop over which just seems to add more stress to the whole ‘flying with 2 kids under 2’ equation)… so, I am packing. Alright, fine…you got me… I’ve been packing all day…fine, all last week. Well, not really packing per se but making lists and organizing clothes.

Can I just say that it is truly amazing how many things you need to think about when traveling with 2 kiddos…just when we, more or less, had the whole plane ride and traveling thing down with 1 kid, now it’s time to unleash the even bigger carry-on’s so that I can safely store away about a week’s worth of diapers, clothes, toys, and snacks because…well, you just never really know what will happen a few thousand feet into the sky…

In other news and as a warning to our friends and family who we will be visiting… one of us is still very much working on this thing called “sleep” especially after 4 or so in the morning… Yes, we are getting all a little too tired of it and there will be dramatic changes for that little family member once we return home (hello sleep training, my how much I have missed you!)…In the meantime, what does that mean for our family and friends who are letting the 4 of us invade their (until now) peaceful and quiet lives? We expect LOTS of coffee and perhaps some alcohol to keep us sane while we oh so patiently try to get 1 kiddo to go back to sleep while tip toeing around the other one to not wake him (or anyone else for that matter) in the wee hours of the morning. And, if you can throw in some baby sitting, that would be nice too…


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