The world according to Luca…

Here’s a glimpse of Luca’s ever increasing vocabulary …

– “car” – his number 1 word, not too surprising considering he owns like a million of them and they have a funny way of sneaking into my bag. Note that he will only say “car” and not “Auto” no matter how hard I try to persuade him… a conversation between both of us usually goes something like this:

Luca: car (pointing to a car or suggesting he wants to play with his cars)
Me: Ja, ein Auto, Luca, Auto…
Luca: car
Me: Auto, Luca, Auto…
Luca: car
Me: Auto, Luca. Das ist ein Auto
Luca (nods and points): car, Mom [at which point I give up]

– “bus” – probably his number 2 word as there are about a zillion buses on the streets of Sao Paulo and he always makes sure to point teach one out as it drives by. And yes, he will only pronounce it in English even though we have the same conversation about buses as we do about cars (over and over and over again)

– “oh no” – anything that goes wrong whether it involves Mom getting lost (good thing that rarely happens) or Luca dropping food (accidentally thank goodness – he has yet to throw food on purpose)

– “nass” – ah, finally a German word (=wet) – anything wet is automatically “nass” – we talk a lot about “nass” things in the bathtub. And by bathtub, of course, I mean Rubbermaid container in which Luca sits and bathes since we don’t have a bathtub…

– “heiss” – yes, another German word! (=hot) – notice that the “h” is silent…no, it really shouldn’t be but according to Luca, it’s silent, kind of like a French “h”… anything that is remotely warm is “heiss” including his food even if it has been cooled down quite substantially and is no longer really “heiss”


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