More on sleep

Time, yet again, for another sleep update – I know you are all curious to know as to who is sleeping and how/where we are all sleeping these days…so here it goes.

Apparently, it seems in retrospect, I posted my “big boy bed success” post too soon because that very same day, all hell broke lose in our little household come nap and bedtime. Our happy little toddler who so loved his new bed suddenly realized that he could wander freely and did, in fact, not need to stay in his bed if he didn’t want to. And he didn’t want to. Not.At. All.

Cue in crying, stomping feet, wailing, pleading, yelling, slamming door with hand (luckily he is too short to open the door or rather, the door handles in our home here are unusually high….seems like smart people who planned this!), slamming self against door, yelling, turning lights on, running around the room….well, you get the picture. Yeah, it was lots of fun. Did I mention this started on Monday and reached its peak on Tuesday at which point my brain switched from “how on earth did we get here” shock to constant “behavioral modification” mode (who would have known that college class would come in handy one day?) . So, new plan in hand, I stuck to my guns knowing full well that it was going to get worse before we could see any success….fortunately, Luca realized pretty much right away that there was a new sheriff in town to micromanage and control his every move before, during, and after nap/bedtime and we have now (drum roll please!) moved away from temper tantrums when it’s time to go to sleep (and yes, I am available for sleep consultations….I am learning this is a rather lucrative business!) – this evening we had a bit of whining for 1 minute before he fell asleep in his bed! I am high-5-ing myself as I am typing this…! The best part, though, of this whole big kid bed thing is that he can now self entertain when he wakes up early so that he doesn’t wake us up at the crack of dawn when he decides he’s done sleeping…(yes, he woke up early the other day and rather than yell for us, he turned on the lights, and played for 30 minutes alone!)

Now, if someone could just tell our daughter to please stop doing crazy moves like this so she doesn’t continually wake herself up in the middle of the night, that would be great!


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